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The Arli Story

Arli Arms represents the evolution of Modern Warrior Gunsmithing. After over a decade of serving the good people of California, we've ramped up to cater to a national audience, bringing our premium experience to gun enthusiasts across the country.


Additionally, we will be launching a state-of-the-art facility in Beverly Hills just off Rodeo Drive that includes a showroom, training facility and gunsmithing hub in July 2024. 


At Arli Arms we pride ourselves on offering the world's most premier firearms by combining the timeless artistry of master gunsmithing with cutting-edge materials and technology. Along with our top-tier products, we provide unparalleled customer experience. We know that buying a firearm is one of the most significant purchases a person can make, and we’re dedicated to making that experience exceptional.


Each of our products is custom hand-crafted to meet the unique needs of our clients. Operating in California might seem daunting to some, but as native Californians, we’re committed to weathering the storm and serving the nation's largest firearms market with pride.

Team Arli

San Arli 


San is renowned expert in combat shooting and firearms design. Over a decade ago, San founded MWG, a gunsmithing business built to serve his own needs as a competition shooter. Since then, he has become the gunsmith of choice for everyone from Navy SEALs to Delta Force to vigilant homeowners seeking reliable home defense.


Hayden Holland


Hayden is a successful entrepreneur and angel investor who started his career in private equity. His passion for firearms and the 2nd Amendment led him into the firearms industry where he ultimately met San and quickly found they shared the same vision of creating the next iconic American firearms company. The rest is history. 


Mike O'Dowd

Head of Training

Mike spent over 9 years with the SEALs and has extensive combat experience in Iraq and Afghanistan. He spent his last 3 years in the Navy teaching combat shooting and helping to develop the modern-day BUDS program. He now runs Defense Strategies Group which is a leader in training and security solutions. 



Chris Cox


Chris led the NRA as Executive Director for 18 years and is widely regarded as one of the most successful strategists in Washington. Today, he helps Fortune 500 companies position their companies for success - and fend off legislative threats. Cox is a frequent analyst on national news and was a primetime speaker during the 2016 RNC.



Amy Robbins


Amy has been extremely succesful in both the corporate and entertainment world. She is the CEO of Alexo Athletica, national TV and podcast host, host of Lawyers, Guns and Freedom for US Law Shield, and TPUSA Ambassador. Amy is a leading Second Amendment advocate and disruptor in the activewear and gun industry.