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The Arli Story

Arli Arms was founded by a combat competitive shooter who just couldn't get enough out of his factory firearms. Throughout the years, Arli has mastered the art of custom-tailored elegance and unparalleled personalization, providing each customer with the chance to transform every aspect of their firearm into a distinctive expression of design, and functionality that meets their unique needs.

Over the past decade, Arli has become the premier stop for high-performance firearms in California, earning a distinguished reputation for creating the industry's most precise and reliable firearms. Catering to a diverse clientele, from law enforcement to competitive shooters and elite military units like Navy SEALs and Delta operators, to vigilant homeowners seeking reliable home defense, Arli's commitment to excellence is unwavering.

From the connoisseur who seeks to enhance aesthetics through the elegance of a complete Arli makeover, to the enthusiast who is fulfilled exclusively through the persuasion of performance, here at Arli, the firearm of your dreams is limited only by your imagination.

The Arli Story

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We do special order customized weaponry.